Friday, March 6, 2009

My Poker Face. :))))

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

It's only week 2 but all the stress, assignments, tutorial are in a cumulative process.
Lecturers started to give us pressure and this is dreadfully killing!
Oh crap!
And i feel like i'm getting fatter and fatter because i seldom walk to college nowadays.
Well, you see, who need to walk since my hunny, June, keeps fetching us.
Thanks hunny :)
Love ya so much~

I dont know why we were still hanging out, like everyday, though.
Shouldnt we be sitting in front of our tiny-little-messy table and tackle the homework?
Ah, whatever, my ladies always take precedence. Gee~ :)

Outing yesterday, again, apparently.
Joanne sweety came to fetch us (me, yingying, and beiqing) at hostel then headed to Gurney.
Watched Marley & Me.
It is worth while to watch it.
Funny yet touching.
Not to mention watching the movie with bunch of wackiest hotties made it much interesting.
J was like DUH and eyes-rolling when the main characters kiss which made me ROFL! xD
She said: Why their every sentence is followed by 'eerie' -scratch that- 'tender' kisses.
She was feeling nausea but as for me, yeah, i think it's pretty much sweeeeeet~
Y was like, you know, I WANNA GO TOILET~ all the while. xD
The very first time hang-out with beiqing was fun after all!
I love her because she's very straightforward.
I do feel like she's not the scheming girl and that makes her much charming! :)

BTW, Jennifer Aniston is goddamn HOT HOT HOT!
And I declare Bei Qing is one of my ladies now~ WEeee~ :p
Sad that Cheryl didnt join us that day, though.


I love the teddy SOOOOOOOOOO DAMN much!


Lovely Lace.

The difference between the slim-jims and the ONLY fatty. Duh~
Gotta work out and stop craving for indulgence! T.T


P/S; Doreen darling finally on msn and had roughly talked about her life there.
She sms-ed me with her Aussie number and hopefully I can call her when I back in kulim.