Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pop, Lock & Drop It. :(

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

My ill is getting steadily worse.
For god's sakes, it's not even A LITTLE BIT better.
In fact, i caught flu some more, somehow. How great! *insert eye-rolling here*

Passed up SOME assignments and SOME tutorials today.
Feeling a wee bit released. :)
Shouldnt skip Law class today but... as to confess the corn, yeah, i did. *Guilty*

WTF i accidentally locked my room in the evening just now.
I was actually going to wash my spoon and enjoy my dinner but somehow i habitually locked my room (without even noticed it), and after i finished the washing, headed to my room, turned the knob, and my mind went WTF, NO WAY! I LOCKED MY ROOM!

What's more absurd, my roommate who not always hang out, WENT OUT WITH HER FRIENDS AT THIS MOMENT!
Seriously, WTF??!!
So, spent RM10 (oh yes, RM 10) to get the warden coming hostel to give me the key!
I dont understand why they have to charge us RM 10!
it's not like they're coming all the way from Gurney Drive or Batu Ferringhi to hostel!
Well, FYI, the warden is staying at relau!
It's like, 5 minutes to our hostel??!!
You can even walk!

Urgh! i can make a damn conclusion right now.

Enough said.
I should really go to bed now.
I cant even breathe right now.
Urgh, sickness!

P/S; Thanks J (Justhrin), for walking me all the way to main block and all the way back and all the way to main block again. @@
And she was doing her assignment at that time.
I was so sorry bothering her.
Anyway, love you, sweetheart. :) And THANKS again~

Some other old pic of me. OMG, this pic is REAL old.