Friday, October 19, 2012

Tinkerbell x Eiffel tower x Pisces x Keytomyheart

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello October!

I’M LATE I KNOW. It’s already mid of October! Time flies like crazy!
I’ve got this new baby that explains my urge to blog again. Heh heh. So don’t be too surprise if I’m gone MIA again like I always do. I love love LOVE this new gadget I can’t stop snapping all around on every single thing. I’m such a lazy person and this baby works superb for me. Everything is in auto so I don't have any difficulty in getting a nice picture. As for the price, I know I could get a nice DSLR instead. But I understand myself, I don't think I’d carry a huge bulky DSLR around whenever I’m going for a trip / for a hangout with ma girls. I’m sucha lazy bum :(
As a conclusion, this baby, comes in an easily fitting inside a shirt pocket/clutch/handbags size, impressively features LARGER sensor, which is able to perform ALMOST the same outcome as DSLR, no doubt, is the perfect option for me.

Btw, just to share about this really cute charm bracelet stall I’ve found just in front of Gurney GSC. Most of the girls are pretty crazy over charm bracelet, let it be Thomas Sabo Pandora Tiff&Co or etc, I found this pretty interesting as well. And it doesn't cost a bomb. 10bucks, and you could get yourself a charm bracelet inclusive 4 charms on your choice. Well, I got myself one of this cute thingy as well.

#1 Welcome

#2 Necklace

#3 The charm bracelet I've been talking about.

#4 You could get yourself some customized keychain as well.

#5 Zodiac bracelet.

I always have the perception of knowing someone's attitude/preferences/dreams through her charm bracelet. Its like something customized based on her characteristics.

As for mine: 
Tinkerbell - feisty & hot-tempered, fly free (freedom), go for my dream & love.
Eiffel tower - I dream of falling in love in Paris. L'amour.
Pisces - Defines me. Intuitive.
Key - To my heartlock. That one loverboy, my soulmate.

So do you think you know me? :)
Please do share me about your charms. I'd love to guess your characteristics/dreams.


#7 Yours truly.

Peace out x.