Monday, February 21, 2011

♥My One & Only Valentine.

Sorry for abandoning my blog again peeps. Many have been wondering for my long absence at Facebook, MSN & blog. The truth is my modem was spoilt but thanks God it's fixed now. I'm pretty amazed at Streamyx efficiency for this once. I called for their assistance at about 3pm yesterday & they promised to come by within 24 hours. Well, I wasn't expecting them to come until the next day but guess what, they actually came to fix at 7pm something at the same day! Miracle?

Anyway, speaking of Valentine, how do you celebrate with the loved one? In despite of everything, the most crucial part is to spend the time with the loved one, no? I always believe that if a couple is in love, everyday is Valentine for them. Anyhowww, thanks to Doreen DAR, I get to spend my Valentine with loverboy :)

Dear Loverboy of mine - Hendry Lim,

I know you wanted to give me a memorable V-day & you planned for it. But I don't ask for much, I don't need fabulous dinner or luxurious presents for Valentine. In fact, anywhere is perfect if you're with me, and what I want for Valentine is YOU :) Simple is more than enough. Having you is enough. So will you stay with me through whatever? ;) Every little lovely things you said to me & every little teensy-weensy stuffs you did means the world to me <3

And how could I forget all those memories we had? The first time you bought me Jelutong burger & bring it all the way to hostel for me while I was having final. (BTW, I was too shy to talk to you that time kay? And I did say thank you!) :P The first time you pick me up from hostel. The first time you brought me for dinner @ the restaurant that you have been going since you're small. (I'm craving for it already bie! :/) The first time you brought me for Baskin Robbins afterwards. It was kinda awkward at first so we kept crapping about songs playing at the shop. The first time we went McD for lunch together, which I still remember I had it for 3 days in a row. The first time we went 69 Mansion with my friends & I'm very happy that you made effort to mingle with them. And I started to fall for you even more when you saved me from Vodka shotgun by some random guy. (I remember you even told me to push it all to you if the guy ever asks me to drink again.) The first time you held my hands, hugged me, & a peck on my shoulder when you were all sweaty after v-ball training. (Okay, my heart was thumping madly! =X there! I admitted it.) The first time we went for movie after we're together. (The Tourist!) & a lot more! And right nao, there's one more added to our memory list, our very first Valentine. There's still a lot more that we haven't do together bie. I wish we would have more memorable occasions in the future.

I love you more each day.

For you're my treasure. Remember?

Because there could never be anyone more dear than you. :)

Loves, Caryne.

The loverboy.
Pattern banyak =X Lol.

14/2 - V-Day.

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.