Friday, December 11, 2009

Yes, the party is rockin'! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Sorry babes, for the long procrastination . I know it's been like what, A MONTH since i updated? Jeez :S
And Yeeing sayang, i never forgotten you :) how could i?? and congratz that you finished your spm ! Time to party yo!
Bel darling, i'm alright ! I miss you ~ :D
Samuel di, i updated!

Anyway, here goes my update :) Woke up this morning (or rather afternoon) and as usual i grabbed my cellphone on my left handside. Trying so hard to open my eyes, i found out there are 4 messages and 2 missed calls. I don't even bother to read the messages so i threw the cellphone back to whatever place & snuggle back to my comfy-cosie bed. 5 minutes, just give me 5 more minutes, i thought to myself.I found it's hard to drag myself out of the bed. People do. Holiday has been so far so good, i guess? Well i just spend most of the time laze around at home sweet home, curling myself up with an interesting novel, watching soap dramas & spending time with family~ The only one who is not so happy with my laziness is, who else besides the greatest mum! So yea, everything is great minus the nagging part :) Sheesh. Am going to find a job because the holiday is so damn long & seriously, i crave for high-carbs-and-high-fats food! & not to mention there's too many food temptations to resist at home omg! So yes, i appear to be in this terrible-horrible-hideous-plump funk! NUDGE NUDGE!

Hello miss, Diet plan?!

I lurve hanging out with my babes. They're such sweethearts that you couldn't resist! All the gossips & heart-to-heart talks we had plus the silly thingy we did, talk about the wacky moments! anyway, that's my girls!

And oh, met up with with Wan Hoe. (I know it was so past tense but hey i did post up right?)It was a great outing after all. Not to mention the outing wouldn't be better if Jin Chee, Chyndee, T-yee, Lee Ming & V were absent. It's like this HSC gathering . =) Btw, i was so surprised to figure out that T-yee didn't know the presence of Lee Ming during HSC! OMFG, i thought they were close since HSC xDD Ended up they only knew each others after they off to Monash U. Well, interesting.
God , i laughed hard because V is enough drolly (not that it's not in my prediction) and now there she was, Jin Chee! This girl is unbe-bloody-lievably funny. She got the potential yo! Trust me *wink* Haha, and yes V, my brain was lack of oxygen that day, AGAIN! :P

indulging myself with a great novel of Cecelia Ahern - Thanks for the memories

My craves :)