Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥Keep in mind, Regret tastes bad.

♥Love & To Be Loved

I had insomnia last night. The incident woke my past memories. I'm worrying about my babe. I feel so helpless that i cant help her a thing. I can't be there to hug her tight just to let her know that she's not alone. I can't be there to lend her my shoulder when she's tired of crying. I can't be there to wipe her tears and tell her to stay strong. all i can do is to comfort her through the bloody damn cellphone. It just made me awfully heart-broken to see her in such pain & i tried to hard to hold back my tears.

I do understand the feeling, I really do. It's so all of a sudden, so striking & so unreal that you can't take such a blow. Things used to be flawless & perfect. it seems that nothing will get into the way. in fact, it's so fragile that even a small little things could tear everything apart. The person you used to know is not even the person itself anymore. You thought you totally understand him at first, but now you doubted whether you do. You don't get it , how can one be so cruel? He can just let it go, like that? Why they don't bother to put some effort to fix? What about the pieces of memories? What about the promises? What about us, the girls?

Please don't simply give up on a relationship. it's not easy to build up a strong & solid relationship. It took tolerance, patience, willingness, lurves, cares, and forgiveness to make it last long. Human being are flawed and yes conflicts arised. What we gotta do is to stay together and to solve the problems together instead of avoid it. Please, no more excuses baby, no more. it's all about the heart. if you want to get it fixed, then it will be fixed , SOMEHOW. Don't turn yourself away because it breaks her heart. Don't treat her coldly because the frigid glance makes her feeling miserable. Don't say forget it because she wants to sort things out & to consolidate the relationship status.

xoxo. Signingoff.


tIan TiAn said...

i like this post,hun....its so true.i hope ur babe will be better in time..

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

Hun, it's for you too :) please get well soon kay? i lurve you!!! :D