Monday, November 9, 2009

♥Life Sucks! Rawr!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Somehow i'm feeling insecure whenever the final is looming. It's like, the pressure and stress keep haunting me. Even worse, I'm not the kind of person who can face the notes and memorizing EVERY CHAPTERS like 12 hours per day. I slack, i facebook, and i MSN. Yes, call me lazy call me incurable, I just couldn't help it. Even though i do force myself to study for like 12 hours per day, i doubted whether this works. like c'mon, honestly, you can't really concentrate right? I mean all you did is just STARE at the book instead of READ the book. Make sense aye?

BTW, guess what, our freakin trashy hostel is soooo darn fcking annoying. Wonder why? There was blackout like twice or three times last night and twice already today! Like helloooo dumbass warden? Don't you know we're having finals right now so we NEED LIGHT TO STUDY? okay fine, HOSTEL GOES BLACKOUT NOW, AGAIN!! RIGHT NOW WHEN I'M TYPING THIS!!! Ohhhh noooooooo Godddd! this gonna drive me insane! Okay people, the electricity is back again. I'm sorry if i confuse you lovely people~ :) I don't want to.

I m panicking out since friday so i stopped slacking.
In order to de-stress myself,
i compensate myself with yummy-licious yet heavy meals,
hence CARBS & FATS. :S
Xiu Li and I finished up 2 regular Domino's pizzas! :S
Really salute us :P

Credit to Domino's service! :D
Ya see that, Pizza H*t?!
This is what we call excellent service!

So long for the crap. Signingoff.