Thursday, September 10, 2009

♥Hectic Week! :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello lovely readers out there :)
Am having a super harsh week and it will stay the same for the next upcoming week.
Happened to have 3 assignments due date on the same day which was on wednesday wtf!
and like i said, we have to do the assignments using Chicago Referencing, which means every point you given has to be explained, argued & supported by quotes from journal articles (not from google cus that would be more convenient, instead we have to find the journal articles from Curtin library) and the each of the journal articles is bloody long for like what, 10++ pages?! and you have to find article per article for every point ! after that you have to follow EXACTLY how they want us to do the referencing and citations! otherwise, marks will be deducted even there is ONLY 1 WORD is wrong.
Dang, how dreadful, i know right?
Enough said , i know i made y'all yawn lol.
by doing those tedious assignment, i have not had an outing with babes for ages.
Hence, money saving! :)
Luckily we have some exceptionally reasonable & fullhearted lecturers that postponed 2 of our assignments to the next day.

And i look like a fugly hideous walking zombie in college recently!
Sheesh! i hate havin' messy hair + bad skin days
Bad skin = proved resting time is awfully inadequate !
Messy + oily hair = proved hell darn early class, hence no time for hairwash in the morningtide!
i wonder whether i frighten the innocent students :S
Sorry peeps, it's not that i want. :(

Btw, Randy ! i did not go out for 5 days already! Weeee~
told ya i can do it! officially proved myself a holy good girl 0:)
anyway, my assignments take credit for such victory !

Enough crapping, gotta back to my assignments .
Bye loves. Wish me luck! Muahx

Pics back then!
The Good Ol' Times.
How i wish everyone is still here. :)))
That's it then.
Until next time.