Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ I hate Curtin. =/

♥Love & To Be Loved

Finance (Portfolio Management) certified - FLUNKED.
Gosh, can you imagine how hard was the test?
it's like super duper difficult and really tax our brains for god sakes!

Obviously i did last-minute study again, so i was like rushing through all of the chapters the night before the test !
Well, if you wonder what time i go to bed last night, i can tell ya, 4.30AM! Crazy, i know right?
after that i woke up at 9AM for 10AM-2PM class, and then headed library after class to run over the omissive details.
Sat for the test at 4PM-6PM.
and then right after i finished the test and just stepped my foot into room, Zhen Xiang rang me up and said he was on the way to Penang !
so yeah, off we go to queensbay rightaway without taking any rest!
i was totally worn out after a day of craziness!
i'm extremely lazy right now to the extend that i still have my makeup on while i'm blogging right now.

p/s: Thanks Darren and Kelvin for keeping me awake last night btw ~ :)
you guys are awesomely Mr. Nice Guys! :)))

enough crapping, peeps.
gotta go and remove my makeup. Love you guys!
and oh, gossip girl season 3 is coming up soon!!! my hot chuck bass! omfg~ :D
cant wait

Any suggestion for my new rabbit's name?
Cupcake? Gingerfish? Any significant one?
:) Aww, it's adorable!♥
Joanne : thanks for helping me purchase it babe!

That's it then.
until next time.