Thursday, September 3, 2009


♥Love & To Be Loved

Peeps , surprise surprise ! I'm here to update~
First thing first, to my baby Jac : GRATZ FOR PASSING YOUR PIANO TEST BABY!

There's a rumour going around saying that Inti Business School's students are going to be moved to B Plaza next year!
OMG, like seriously??
Not to mention we already lost the campus life & now we have to move to even unacceptably smaller place?
I have to say, inti always come to unsatisfactory solution!!! Sheesh!

and it's like super miracle that i can actually online at hostel -.-
BTW, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ME & BABY JAC for the fact that we succeed in keeping to our saving plan!
We locked ourselves up for 3 days already! Hence, no money-squandering *a big grin*

So yeah
that's it then.
until next time.