Sunday, June 8, 2008

trip trip~

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

This is the very first time i went for a trip with hubby.. *with his friends as well..* and we were like having Amazing Race all through the trip. LOL.

We went genting at first.. We reached there at about 4am and guess what, we've waited for almost 6 hours for checking in..!! *it is peak season.* I don't know how i went through these 6 hours actually. No bed, no games, no mp3. Pathetic, huh?

wohoo~ joyful trip..!!

in lobby..

waiting, waiting and waiting..

hubby was exhausted.

big fat snake on the tree~

finally, we were able to check in at about 12pm.. i was like, FINALLY..!! okay, never ever ask me to go genting at peak season..!! >.<>
Hubby and I went for a little shopping after dinner.. Then, they planned to go cashino but there were 3 people who are not above 21 years old. Kean lit, Jr and ME..!! So, hubby decided not to go cashino as well.. 4 of us spent most of our time in BUM city.. We had a lot of fun there.. We went snooker-ing afterwards.Skeleton shoes..~~

FREAKING LOVE this cap..!!

Lovely huh? ^^

cheese cake~~

toilet in bum city..LOL

we had our lunch there before we head off to nilai..

In the very next day, we went Nilai.. But I'm so lazy to write the places we went and things we did.. So, i just stop here lahh~ =p

p/s: So disappointed that I not able to meet the baby dino in inti Nilai~ sobs~ ):