Saturday, June 21, 2008

QB 'trip'~

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

went QB today with hubby for shopping and movie. keanlit and jr join us afterwards. We bought ticket for Incredible Hulk at 9.30~ While waiting for the movie, I suggest we all try the new 大头贴 shop located opposite the GSC. XD
If you ask my opinion towards the shop, i think it sucks..! their machines are so LAME..!! no nice background and foreground..!! And the effect is so not vision, the price is not cheap as well.

our 大头贴

act steam, act strong, and finally act... GAY, i suppose?? XD

lame pose >.<

act cute 1~ *though they're not*

act cute 2~

act-cute couple~ XD

ghost pose.

GOH KEANLIT..!! I'M NOT READY..!! duh.. =/

hubby was not ready.. =p

poor them~ look at jr's eyes and hubby's face.. LOL!! it was my idea.. XD

do not learn this..!! leave rubbish there..!! DO NOT IMITATE GOH KEAN LIT..!!

I'm so tired. And so i'll stop here.. Good night and have fun reading my blog~ =D