Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Her. Heart Her.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Did i ever mention that i am FREAKING LOVE to hang out with her? yeah, it's her, yingying darling~

Actually, i never thought to be so close with her.. In fact, we do not know each others well last year in HSC~ we were just HI-BYE friends. As for me and most of my friends, we think that she is just a perfect lady, PRETTY*well-known*, hardworking*undoubted*, fashionable*obviously*, and friendly~ you know, it's SO HARD to find a girl which is SO CARE of her outlook but in the same time, SO SO SO CARE of her studies as well.. yeah, she did. she could sacrifie her leisure time, SLEEPING TIME just to study.. *which i definitely cannot..are you kidding me?!?! to sacrifie my SLEEPING TIME?? NO WAY..!!*

Thanks to DCMAU, i get to know more about her.. we spent most of our weekdays together~ even though our lifestyle is just around college, hostel, college and hostel.. we still had alot of fun together.. We could spend all day long by only CHATTING~ *dunno where to find so many topics to talk about* and she really cares of people around her~ especially friends which treat her nice, she would definitely treat them exactly the same way..

i guess both of us will get along with each others quite well.. i hate taugeh, she likes taugeh; she likes onion, i hate it; i like mushroom, she hate it; she hates cheese cake, i like it; she can't sleep if there is SLIGHTLY noisy, i can sleep even there is an earthquake; i don't mind sleeping with the light on*which i usually do when i'm alone*, she can't sleep if there is a slight of light; LASTLY, both of us are the same crazy, funny and easygoing.. (: i do appreciate her, A LOT.

being with her is just comfortable.. AND most people thought we are lesbian lol. don't be jealous lar~ xD

♥~`Love Her. <3 Heart Her.