Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Presentation T.T

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Here are some jokes for ya all.. I went back penang with yingying darling's car~ Once we arrived, i realized that I FORGOT TO BRING MY ROOM KEY..!! I was like never mind, roommate could open the door for me..hehe.. However, nobody answer the door when I'm keep knocking..!! Okay, thinking of calling roommate to ask where she was, worse thing is my hp is running out of battery.. So i rushed upstairs to borrow yy's hp..

Roommate: OMG, roommate..!! i'm still in Alor Setar..

Overwhelmed by disappointment~ My only hope.. ): The only way I can do now is, find the warden AGAIN..!! *kinda tired with my INCREDIBLE BLURNESS.. sigh.*

got my key at last.. got into my room at last.. LOL. yingying came to my room while I was touching up my presentation slides.. *here come the joke*

Yy: The presentation is on Wed..Omg..
Me: Is it?? *i have no idea about it..*Omg..!! i forgot to bring my formal clothes..!! Yy: Me too..

She looked at my laptop..
Me: you done your slides?

She looked totally blank..
Yy: huh..wat slides..?? Me: The slides that loke joo asked us to done before 12pm?? for the presentation??
Yy: omg..i totally forgot about the slides already..
Me: Deng..!! you remember the presentation date but forgot about the slides????

Yeah.. My pig darling was so blur right?? xD
*darling, thanks for help me to borrow the formal pants.. muahx*

Both of us were so nervous at the day before the presentation.. I was so afraid that i will be laughed by others if i've done mistakes.. ): *that would be so embarrasing..* And there was MacroEcon test at the very next day.. >.<>even darling and me don't feel like wanna present during the student conference at all..* it's great to know that everything we did finally paid off right? (:

And before i end my blog, i wanna shout out, I HATE ECON..!! =P