Monday, April 12, 2010

♥PC Fair! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Went to PC fair last week, with babe Jac and Alvin. It was fun. Hot girls all around & if you ask me, i think it's not really people mountain people sea (chinese proverb) since we went on the very first day.

In fact, i think the P1 W1max promoters + Maxis Promoters + Digi Promoters + Celcom Promoters were even more than the customers. LMAO.

Plus they were so terrifying. I'm not exaggerating cause they just won't let any customers who pass through their booth get away! It was like all the promoters lined up in two so that when you pass through in between, they could easily shove the browsers or mumbling about their packages to you! If you pass through the first one, there was still second 1, third 1, fourth 1, .... & so forth. You get what i mean?

So when we were about leaving, we walked to hard to pass through all the booths and suddenly there was this bit fatty guard stopped everyone and shouted," NO EXIT HERE NO EXIT HERE! WALK BACK TO THE SECOND FLOOR," then the other guard uttered," Pusing 1 satu round balik ke 1st floor! "

You thought we idiots is it uncle?! of course we knew we have to turn 1 big round back to the first floor!!! I don't care about taking the longer path back, but I JUST DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THE BOOTHS AGAIN FOR GOD SAKES! I just don't understand why we can't get out through there?! Stupid route! Doesn't make sense at all!

I seriously wanna whack the guards wtf!!!
Alright, enough ranting. It was overall fun minus this infuriating part.

& crazy me, I really don't know the reason I applied for Maxis Broadband seriously. It has a trial though, so I think I'm gonna return it to the maxis center. Not really likey the unstable speed and oh-so-limited quota. so yea.

BTW, applied for Streamyx for my homie. YAYYYYYY! :DD

Heart Ji-yeon's hair!!!
& her hood too! :DD

I want her hair so badly!!!
What do you guys think?

2nd row, the first 1 from the right.
Lurve, lurve, LURVEEEEE! :DD

- Time for a new hairstyle? -