Sunday, April 25, 2010

♥ Happy Family! :D

Me: Mi, I wanna go for hair trim.

Mummy: Go lar.

Me: I'm going to have it short. What do you think, mi?

Mummy: Please la, can you cut it short? Keep for so long for what? So hot!

Me: -.-

Mi, I was expecting you to stop me from doing so. LOL. Apparently, mi is not fancy of my long hair T.T

I love you mummy! :D

Plus daddy and I were having this cold war. And we were making a fuss all over the house and mummy couldn't bear it anymore.

Mi: yor, you father and daughter! Stop bickering like little kids!

ME: Daddy la! I hate him! He refuse to bring me to haircut!

Daddy: I got something to do mar.

ME: hmph! Don't talk to me!

Daddy: Hmph! Sayang you also no use one!

ME: NO, I sayang you no use jao got!

Daddy: Your head lar! You sayang me! You never do!

ME: I DID! You don't talk to me!





And the squabble went on and on until we laughed and call a truce.

Well, of course daddy was the first to compromise lar! Cause he sayang me more than I sayang him mar LMAO!

After that, daddy fetch me back to my hostel. Right after I dropped all my things and wanted to take some pocket money from daddy...

Daddy: I thought you don't sayang me anymore? How come take money from me some more?

ME: I don't care! Faster give!

Daddy: Hahahaha! *taking money from his wallet with a big grin on his face*

I hate you daddy! :P


Chabi said...

Hi I think you saw in a youtube video and then searching google I found some pictures on my blog:) Well I love Justin Bieber, pop and R & B I'm Chilean and I only passed through here ... your blog is very nice! Greetings.

Shorty is a Eenie Meenie miney mo lova♪

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

aww, thanks sweety! :)

guess we're both justin bieber fans :P

do drop by my blog again alright :P