Thursday, April 22, 2010


♥Love & To Be Loved

Ahh, night alone during Thursday night. Surprisingly, I feel good. It would be better if my lovely roommie is around. I started to miss you already, bee bee! :'( I eventually get round to settle down and update my poor bloggie. Nevertheless, friends already complain about my major absence on MSN !

Oh my lurves, my genuine apology. I've been extremely playful recently. Like I said before, all those frequent late night outs. GAWD, i deffo need some restraint here. Life is great, in fact it has been way too fab! Hence, extragavance. Yes, I'm super broke right now fgs. And everything gotta stop right here, right nao.

Plus, I shall dedicate all of my time for classes and mid-term tests, resuming a student's everyday routines since regularity ought to be observed cause it is very conducive for health & of course, my skin. ZOMG!

I got so many pichas to post up, so many things to blog about. But I don't feel like to. No reasons, just plain lazy.

BTW, I've been doing loads of crazy thingy lately. Credit to Alvin. He simply rocks yo! I mean who can be so ready to risk anything? And I literally mean ANYTHING. We were playing games and the loser is dared for something crazy. Sounds fun aye? Well, it is. :P HAHA.

Alvin was dared to dance -Beat It- in front of Happy Mart cashier while babe Justhrin was dared to sing along. LMAO! They're freakishly steady wey! Damn salute them! Respect yo!

While babe Jac and me were dared to say I Love You twice in front of the 7-11 cashiers plus add in the I ♥ U actions! LOL! And yea, we did! :P But we were abit chickened-out at first, I admit. Fortunately babe Justhrin was able to break the ice :S Well, you can't expect too much from a newbie alright? Haha!

Waiting for Alvin for Raja tom yam mee!
& give babe Jac for a surpriseeeee! :P

A lovely bear bear from sweetheart Sin Nee.
Thanks lurve, I HEART IT! :D

p/s; Are you proud of me, V? :P Am I officially in your crazy group? Teehee!

pp/s; Don't be too excited, babe Joanne. You'll be the next! Lol!