Thursday, April 8, 2010

♥Brand New Blogskin! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello darlings. Sorry for setting my bloggie private for so long cause it was under construction.

I think i ought to change a blogskin because:
1. so many people are having the identical one.
2. i'm started to lack of passion to blog due to this dull blogskin.
3. i'm too freeeeeeee ! -well, at least for now-

so yea.

Now i feel like i'm getting back the blogging passions back! oh yes! Feel free to leave a comment to voice out your opinion on my brand new piece! :DD * HUGSSS! *

Before heading to college!

P/S: i'm gonna make sure myself sleep earlier, like before 12 or something. cause i'm having serious dark eye circles issue here. like very very fcking serious wey. Samuel bro told me that he can tell by looking at every of my pic. Crap!!!