Sunday, April 18, 2010

♥ They got nothin' on you baby! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello darlings. First of all, sorry for not blogging like 234,908,023,293 years.
Been pretty busy lately.
Tonnes of mid-term tests to handle & not to mention assignments that would join the 'party' very soon.
Alright alright, I couldn't deny my major laziness too. Happy? Lol.

BTW, just finished another mid-term test . Don't ask.
My first day menstrual period & test happened to be on the selfsame day!
PLUS babe Jac & I got into a minor accident while we were going to the college,
and yes, it was the same freaking day!
An idiot guard who was riding a motorcycle bump into us!
Long story, i might blog about it soon.

1 word, DISASTER!
I was strugglin' with both the awful menstrual pain & the questions!
I don't think i was able to think straight with such crap!

The fact is, i wanna whack myself for being totally off the study mood!
All because of the frequent late nights out.
I think I ought to lock myself away in the room , seriously.
No movies, no shopping, no yam cha & so on.

I'm so hungry right nao.
Craves for chocolate fondeur (my big love), Sushi, Haagen Dasz & so lots more! :(
Alright, i should stop fantasizing now or I might starve to death :S