Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♥Poppin' bottles in the ice, Like a blizzard ;)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I'm blasting my ears with new songs that my song provider provided me.
Thanks Hendry! *huggiesssss!*

Well, let's cut down the craps & yeah, as Hendry says, sharing is caring ;)

Far East Movement & LMFAO FTW!!

Far East Movement - Don't Look Now

This is super dopeeee! Officially at the top of my playlist!

Far East Movement - She Owns The Night

She owns the night She owns the night~
I'm talking to you~

Lil' Jon - Hey (feat 3Oh!3)

Hey~ I don't care~ Heyyyy~

Dandee & Co-Ga - Kane Money

It's so funny that Hendry & I couldn't find this song! I googled Kanye Money & he googled Kinda Money.
Turns out it's Kane Money pfftttt..

Cassie Ft Akon & LMFAO - Let's Get Crazy Tonight

Nelly - Na NaNa Na

Alright, shall end the post by vain pichas of mine ;)
I miss my messy hair :(

XX! :)