Tuesday, November 23, 2010

♥Feeling so fly, Like a G6!

Hey people, I'm back! Final ended. Study weeks had been like hell. Total madness!

Well never mind, now that I survived to the toughest weeks ever, I'm so gonna compensate myself!

Shopping therapy? Movies? Drinking sessions? Yumchar? I'M ON! RING ME UP BABESSS! <3

Bye books, hello partyyyy ;)

I salute my determination seriously, for not yielding any temptation during study weeks.

I literally stay at room for 2 weeks! Even Jac begged me to go out and see the world nowadays LOL!

Ahhh how I miss sunshines ;)

Gonna update about my outings soon with photo-spamming :p

And oh, I found something very interesting in Photoscape. Lame me.

I haven't figured that out until now. It's super fun weiii! :D

I'm so addicted with the Page function nowww! <3

Ain't this awesome?

I just need to drag my picture inside. No adjustment is needed AT ALL!

XX! :)


j_fish said...

So nice.. My exam is going to start this thursday. T-----------T..

anyway, enjoy your holidays!! ^_____________^

~noty_jimjim~ said...

congratz wor..
finally finish exam liao..
enjoy ur holidays ya~