Sunday, December 5, 2010

♥Take My Hand, Close Your Eyes. With You Right Here, I'm a Rocketeer.

♥Love & To Be Loved

I'm a timid person. I'm afraid of getting hurt after I experienced once.
I tend to avoid conflicts, I runaway from problems.
I push away those who treat me superbly nice, & I turn down every possible relationship.
All due to the reason that I don't want to risk getting hurt anymore.
I can't bear the pain, I'm not ready.

The time when I thought of that, I met HIM.
The one who makes me feel like butterflies in my stomach,
the one who makes me thinking of him whole day long,
the one who makes me grow restless whenever he late reply my text.
the one who makes me go online everyday just to Skype or MSN with him.
Somehow we click alot.
We have many things in common, to the extend that I found it unbelievable.
The feeling grows even stronger when I started to know him more.

P/S: Okay, I'm closing my eyes when I'm typing these.
My heart was beating fast when he came to fetch me for friends meetup.
That's the first time I saw him in real & I think my palms were cold sweating all the way.
And when he told me he has a crush on me on the phone, I was literally hopping on the bed and holding my screams. Lol!
Well, honestly, I was not expecting that.
I always think I'm way too ordinary to capture his attention.

He's cute. The way he smiles.
He's friendly. I feel comfortable around him when we were friends.
He's funny. He never fails to make me laugh.
He's loveable. :)
He's athletic. Ahh, I just love guys who do sports ;)
He's gentleman. :)
He's confident. But not cocky.

I know this may sounds cheesy, but I think he's perfectly flawed :)
Do you believe the say of no one's perfect but someone can be perfect for you.
I don't need my someone to be perfect. I want my someone to be flawed.
I just want my someone to be good to me, just perfect in my eyes.

29th November.
Confession, through Skype.
I said yes :)
Alright, I admit I blushed kay? ;)

1st of December.
The last meet up before I left Penang.
We were chit-chatting in front of hostel.
Then he held my hand suddenly, & my heart was beating fast.
And when he hugged me goodbye, I was so reluctant to leave :(

Bie, thanks for giving me the courage to start a new relationship.
For you, I'm willing to try to get over the phobia and work things out.
Because I want to be with you
Even though I don't know where I'll ended working, KL or Penang.
But I wish our relationship would last long :)

I love you bie
XOXO! :)

Yours truly.


~noty_jimjim~ said...

wah~~giong hee giong hee o~~
congratulation har...
hehe =)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

congratz congratz Caryne ! =D

hEnRy said...

nice one. =)
all the best with your relationship

v!vi@n said...

hor!!!!! its 29th october!!! means you have lots of time to tell us..and you din..hor, i m gonna kipas the fire even harder liao!!! HAHAHAH..

anyway, wish you sweet sweet forever la^^