Thursday, July 30, 2009

♥Me, You & The Dancefloor. :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Been outing very frequent recently cus as my babe, Jac said, IT'S HONEYMOON WEEK!
I love to hang out with her, i really do!
& the most important thing is we can talk about almost anything!
Our dark eye circles definitely do the justice cus we had heart-to-heart talks till midnight for days already!
OH yes, & i'm totally lovin' it! :D
I love you babe, superduper to the max! :)

Btw, peeps, my new roommie moved in saturday, if i'm not mistaken.
A typical adorable girl, i would say, as in sweet, soft-spoken & tiny as well :P
OMG, Chiew B, you're such a sweet heart! :D
anyway, i assure everyone wouldnt mind being short if one could be cute like her.
I'll make myself an exception because i love being TALLLLLLLL!
Too bad i'm not though :(
Darn it!
Okay, now you can smack me for crapping on this ridiculously dull & boring topic :S
Alright, superb inducing sia~

For those who loves horror movies, like bff, V, THE FINAL DESTINATION IS GOING TO BE ON SCREEN BABY!
I'm just informing y'all here, dont book me for the movie.
i dont do horror -.- i know i'm coward, & i freaking dont care!
tell me the storylines after y'all watch it~

Gosh, i've been enjoying myself extremely which results squandering money lavishly.
Such a profligate, i get it!
i'll control myself, I MEAN IT!

Some random pics here.

Simply hate my bunny teeth!

Simply ♥ freaking funny pic! The bitches~ XD

Simply ♥ my new nail color!
My girls tumble to my choice eventually! :D

Kay, enough ranting here.
That's it then.
Until next time.