Saturday, August 1, 2009

♥That's What Love Songs All About~

♥Love & To Be Loved

LOL! After what had happened recently, i'm quite sensitive to
MARRY this kinda case. So guys, please dont freak me out! :S Anyway, on a lighter note, no offence or any bias here. :)

Hostel connection is fcking pissing me off! Wtf it stays 'Access: Local only' like almost a week already! OMFG! This is so not happening! Hence cant really blame me for the frequent procrastination~ Furthermore, I'm so lazy to upload pics in ma Facebook! Sigh~ Went Converse few days ago with my babe, Jac to meet up with Carmen & Ah Wei cus I've been missing them like crazy! And then we told them how pity we are that we cant even online in hostel. Right after that, Wei's first reaction was like," then jiayi mar die lor since she cant live without online! " then i was like,"omg, sweat hell alot == so touched anyway cus they still remember my pattern what haha. Awww " And oh, met Tommy & Li Qian the Mongo~ hahaha. In case y'all dont understand what the secret word all about, it's Li Qian the Mongolian LMAO! Our CIB lecturer, Miss Angeline thought he's a Mongolian, and then he said no, and then she said he's Korean, and then he said no! Both of them simply made the whole class went ROFL! While all of my friends thought he's a Chinaman (actually me thought so too), after we get to know him, we found out he's a Malaysian later on! hahaha~ He do look like Mongo, Chinaman or Korean but just aint Malaysian. Poor thing LOL!

ATTENTION HERE: i bought a superduper nice bag from bff, Jac. Superb quality, fashionable design & absolutely classy. Yes, it may cost you a wee bit higher but hey still worths it! Not to mention THE STOCKS ARE LIMITED! There is only 1 piece of bag per design. Once it is sold, that's it! So no worry that you will bump into like thousands of people who are using the same bag as yours! Girls, you gotta check out her website & grab yourself 1 bag! So? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Chop chop, move it move it!

Enough crapping, stay tuned for more.
That's it then.
Until next time.