Wednesday, July 22, 2009

♥I Gotta Feeling~~~

♥Love & To Be Loved

My younger sis (yes, Jac hun, she's the 1 who doesnt like rice) usually chirp like a bird.
Nobody can stop her from talking.
Wherever she is, there'll be noises, and i mean NOISES~

SIS: 姐,老师跟我们讲说话是一种艺术
MUM: 什么艺术?说话还有艺术的咩?说话就说话啦~
SIS: 不是~~~(her phrase) nah, 好像这样啦,如果妹妹画画画到很丑啦,然后你说:''yerr,zomok你画到这样丑~'' 如果这样的话嘛伤到她的自尊心了咯~ 她可能还会不爽你~ 如果你换一个方式说:''嗯~你这样画还不错啦,可是如果你这样画的话,不是更好吗?''
NAH, 是不是差很多?
ME: Hano hano~好像也对hor~
MUM: 这样不是讲骗话咯~
SIS & ME: 无言。。。

That's my mum, who always come out with something unexpectable & nonetheless mostly make us go speechless -.-

Met up with bff, Doreen, Jiayi, Khang Wei & JJ today! WEeeee~
LIke OMFG FINALLY?! You thought it's easy to meet up with Doreen hor?
She always busy with all her thingy, hence her schedule is packed almost everyday~~~
Anyway, D, our schedules were packed as well, but we decided to turn down all the arrangements JUST FOR YOU.
Awww, where to find such nice friends? :) Geez~~
Had lunch at Giant~ & we gabbled away twenty to the dozen while the waiter cleared the table.
I freaking enjoy small gathering with ma friends & crap like nobody's business!
They simply make my day! :)
As long as we can get together, i dont care talking about small-deer thingy like maybe what do you have for brunch, or why JJ's is being called BIG HEAD, or why JY wore flip flops today, or why khang wei wore long pants today, or why Doreen is here with us (LOL,jkjk) et cetera.
Silly? i know but yeah that's what i'm talking about!
Dar dar, I'm gonna miss you much after you back to Adelaide~~~ *Sobs*
Days have simply flown by & now it's time to say goodbye~ :(

That's it then.
Until next time.
xo xo