Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yo, JiaYi is back in town! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Going to catch Transformer on friday.
Heading kl for holiday on monday.

Speaking of which, met up with bff, JiaYi.
I missed her so damn much and we finally got to meet up.
And no, she's not out of her quarantine yet~
still Wenhui, Wenli & JJ insisted to drag her out for breakfast. :P
Somehow, which i dont know how, they passed through jiayi's dad & voila! there she was.

Dear, to be honestly, you look different.
i found you lighter, happier and more confident!
even though you're still the same dumb dumb lar~ Geez~ :D
anyway, i just wanna say that iloveyou and i really really missed you!

YOu know, when the girl friends gather together, what else to do if it were not all the gossiping and heart-to-heart talks?
Weee, we just talked our afternoon away in wenhui's home~
Aww,no chat is it more pleasant than with my bffs. :)
I had been missing such moments and i cant wait much longer.

few random pics.
I miss them already.
Luckily get to meet up bff, J, this friday!
Just cant wait! Geez~


Jiayi~ said...

awww! I'm honored to have myself titled for one of our blogposts heehee! ^^

and hell yeah! KJY's back !!! ^^