Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fickle-Minded Jerk!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Do you guys miss your old friends even you're far apart?
Primary school, secondary school, college or whatsoever?
I do, i miss my secondary school friends and HSC friends, like ALOT.
Too bad some are studying overseas and some are studying in KL and so on.
hence always unable to get together due to dyschronous.
Anyway i'd be thrilled to meet up with my old friends if there are some gathering.

People makes new friends,true.
But that doesnt mean we can leave the old friends behind.
Like wtf, after everything you all been through together, now all you care about is your new friends?
How could you?
Absolutely absurd!
okay, enough said.

My standard 3 cousin.
Having her own msn.
On a lighter note, she applied the msn ALL BY HERSELF!
And oh,she even put her primary pic on! Jeez~
I guess children nowadays really has been on the leading edge of trends! :p