Tuesday, July 21, 2009

♥The Lurve, Cheryl~

♥Love & To Be Loved

Bff, Cheryl decided to go UK to proceed her degree. i should be rejoicing with her cus it's a good opportunity~ AT a time like this, i feel awful that we have to be parted so far away :( Thinking back how intimate we were during secondary school. And i still remember clearly the days we spent together. Remember Cheryl, once you got your car license & right after you got the permission to drive on your own, you just kept fetching me here & there? To your home, to seminar, to tuition & so on. Not to mention how far is your home from mine~ Oh oh, and how about this one, even your maid was pretty familiar with me already. Due to the fact that she always get me a LARGE plate of rice while yours was just 3 scoops, TOP! *giggles*

Well, you're the first one who took me to QB. Yeah, i still remember :D You're the one who teach me what is makeup stuffs all about. Eyeliner, eyeshadows, concealer, makeup base et cetera. you know what, i had no notion of the whole makeup thingy about , to the extend that i dont understand why girls wanna colour their face as if we're painting on our face? Okay, stop laughing, there's no laughing matter DUH~

Reminiscing how crazy we were playing msn till dawn during holiday back then! Ended up we had severe acne skin which kinda shocked EVERYONE who saw us. They kept going like , OMG WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO BOTH OF YOU? So you woke up to the situation, apparently. while me, on the other hand, was playing the role of the LAZIEST WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD,hence was taking this easily~~~ Even though my skin is not fully recover (on account of my laziness), but yeah, thanks to you & Winnie, at least it turned slightly better!

Anyway, all i want to say is that i'm glad to have you as my BESTIE! you teached me ALOT & helped me ALOT! Just so you know, i appreciate you & every memory between us! i know it's all too soon to wish you ALL THE BEST right now. However, take care when you go UK & remember to keep in touch yar~~~ Always remember i'm here for you~ ;) 6 years friendship & it's still going on and on and on~~~ ILY!

P/s; Hun, since you're going to depart soon, we so gonna hang out more often!!! Can I have your word,no more ffk? -.-

That's it then.
Until next time.