Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock the house, pals! =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Holiday was great after all.
Hang out with friends almost everyday for the first week;lazying at home and finished Sex and The City for the next week.
Mummy extended the curfew to 1 AM,which is a GREAT news! Isnt it?
When i start updating my blog means I'M Back In Hostel!
Apology dedicated to my Vivian darling for the procrastination.

Okay, let's rewind and see a few interesting things happened during My Holiday.

♥.21 August
Someone (apparently idk who) decided to throw jiayi a farewell party on thursday.
Well,it isnt really a party.Indeed we just hang out.
Khang Wei fetch me and off we go.
Redbox in the first place and next, dinner at hawker centre somewhere by the seaside.

Speaking of which,we had ALOT of fun at Redbox.
Well,needless to say, Redbox is so not my thing.
Still meeting old friends that we never seen each others for almost a decad is fun right?
Shiao wei and Yee peng are still the same. Cute and noisy. =p
Wenli, had a new hairstyle,from curly to straight,and it's suit her.
Wenhui, the one who you will always hear her laughters,clearly.
Jiong Jian, no comment for this gentleman, never change.
Doreen, you are getting thinner and thinner, my dear, which means you're charming. And i miss you alot.
Li herng, who are just back from India, okay, he didnt tan himself. Still fair lar. =X
But-um,he became Indian-guardian,which kept asking us to protect Indian! O_O
Jin Sheng,no comment,nothing is changeless.His hairstyle,his wearing and his behaviour.
Ah bee, i dont really know him, but he's friendly and humour. =D
Hui Shan, Khang Wei's cousin, she's such a sweet doll!
Khang Wei,yup,still being so mean and never give up any chance in criticising people. DUH.

Last but not the least, our main character, MS Kang Jia Yi.
She'll off to US on 19 Sept. Gonna miss her alot.
Am worrying about her.
Dont know whether she'll get used to the life there or not.
Hopefully she wont get bully.

After dinner, SOMEONE suggested that we'll have a drink at Baby Cafe.
I couldn't have agree more.
I'd been wish to go there long long time ago.
And here's the chance. ^^
I've to say, i'm so disappointed to the cafe.
The tables and chairs are all worn out.And deco there sucks!
We played poker cards there.Chitchatting.And some of them sang.
I was glad that i followed Jiong Jian's car back.
Cus Khang Wei they all reached home at 4am!
My mum'll definitely KILL me if i did so.

And oh, did i mentioned that my dear, cheryl and her dar joined us at Redbox?
OHya, i met my honey.I miss him alot.
Well, he got his new hairstyle.He thinks it's cool. *insert eye-rolling here*
Thanks to cheryl's bf for brought him there.
Cheryl's bf is goddamn nice.
He's easy-going and I like his sense of humour.

Cheryl, he's a good bf.
Like Chris said: Grab him and lock him in your cupboard, dont let any girl steal him. XD

♥. 23 August
Sis was going back Matrix.
Daddy planned to fetch her back straight to Changlun,but she insisted to take a bus with her friends.
Oh ya, she's very VERY independent.
So, daddy dropped her and her friends in front of the Jit Sin High School, their assembly point.

Khang Wei and Doreen fetch me at BM.
We were going Tambun for dinner!
Seafood, of course.

I love to be with my old friends.
There are so many things to be chitchatting about.

Daddy Li Herng~ =p he always act like a father of everyone. Doesn't he? ^^

Notice! The world naughtiest boy, on the left. And Jin Sheng~ =D

This is baby shark. Humans are so cruel and ruthless!But-um, it tastes GREAT! =X

Attempting food.Yummy.

After that, we headed to Ice Ice Baby, Autocity, to meet Lik Xian and Khai Sian.
Lik Xian is still so pretty and FUNNY! =X
Khai Sian has the lively sense of humour,same as ever.
After their arrival, our laughters never stop even for a second.
Jesus Christ! I couldnt help but wonder will the other customers be weary of our incessant noise? =X

On the way back, these 3 drivers were driving like 3 years old child.
Winding down the window and chatting with each others while stopping at the red light.
And be on the same row at double lane!
Wondering whether the cars behind get pissed off by these kiddo? XD
And i was just passenger. =X

P/S; Mummy started to nag me for not being at home for whole week. =S Love ya,mummy! Dont angry lar~ Tsktsk.

♥. 30 August
I'm back in hostel.
Supposed to get my results today but all Inti staffs were off!
I was like what the hell?!
My nervousness is killing me! I need to get my results! ):
And my darling fly me aeroplane. T.T
We supposed to be hanging out together,have shopping theraphy but she gotta accompany her mummy.
Dear, remember what you promised me~Come find me in Raya ya~
I dont care! No more excuse! =p
I hate to be away from her for such a long time.
I miss her.
We used to be doing everything together.She's a part of my life.
Sometimes i feel like something is missing in my life now.

Went out today with Cheryl and her bf.
But there must be some misunderstandings between them.
They dont even talk.
However,my honey and I managed to break the ice in the end. =D
Quite a long time afterwards.
Well,well. We shopped and went to skate.
And honey and i also played tingting (our favourite besides movie) =D
A round of applause to me cause i didnt buy any clothes.
Though i got myself 3 Gossip Girl novels!
You can totally say i'm sorta the biggest Gossip-Girl fever! =X

3 books though it costed 2 books' price.Borders rocks!

♥. 31 August
Went out with honey.
Watched movie and played tingting loh, of course. *chuckling*
You guys have to watch Death Race! I mean it.

I would like to entertain more but I gotta download some songs first.Ciaoz~
And oh, i'm so in love with one of the new song,i think it's very playful and fanciful.
Pussycat Dolls-When I grow up

♥.TT player playing:
Pussycat Dolls-When I grow up
Jordin Sparks-One Step At A Time
Colbie Caillat-Realize
It's not my time-3 Doors Down
One Republic-All I Need
Jesse McCartney-Leavin'
Damaged-Danity Kane
Mariah Carey-I'll be loving you long time
Akon-I Can't Wait