Friday, September 26, 2008

Basketball. Duh.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I hate being alone.
My honey was chosen to join the college team.
Okay, now you think I'm happy?
I'm telling you NO.
3 practises for every week.
Well, he can skip but he won't.
Here I am, alone in his room.
He doesn't want to let me back to my room.
He said i'll be lonely and he INSISTED me to stay in his room.
Yea right! As if i'll be better if i stayed alone in his empty room! =/
He's such a dumbass. =X

In a word, basketball is more important than ME ME ME!
Oh god, how pathetic and desperate am I?!
Failure girlfriend? No doubt, I'm in the nomination.
And i definitely want to put him in the failure boyfriend nomination as well, can ah?
I used to be in love with guys who play basketball.
Guess now not anymore~ :p

And oh, Gossip Girl is going so damn tantalizing!
Impatiently waiting for episode 5!

Ying darling, hope your daddy will get well soon ya~
Take care~ Muahx (: