Sunday, September 7, 2008

Game On. =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

My lappie is sick! ):
Gotta send it for checking already.
But i have to buy a hard disk and backup all of my movies and pics first.
Prison Break IV is on air!
OMG! Wentworth Miller is goddamn hot hot HOT!
He's MINE! =X
And heard that Gossip Girl II is coming soon, this september.
Too many nice movies, too little times though.
Lecturers said assignments will be distributed next week!

Oh ya, perhaps we are not going for prom anymore.
We were so eager to join at first but everyone fly aeroplane in the end.Sigh.
And I did not even slim down even 0.01kg. *my estimation*
Roommate is one of the Committee's members.
She asked me to go.
I guess i have to let her down for this time.

I helped my honey to tidy up his messy room 2 days ago.
Of course he helped. ALOT indeed.
So, his room is all clean and totally out-of-dust right now. (:

Watched Wall-E with honey.
Even he said that's the movie was quite interesting.

Lunch at 'Long de Chuan Ren'

I dont like the food there. ):

Dinner at Swensens.Sizzling Ice Cream,very special huh~

So long, ciaoz~