Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Love Rainbow. =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Took my bath 10 minutes ago and here i am,sitting in front of my lappie and start blogging.
Our new semester is officially starting today.
I'm taking 3 subjects during this short sem,Marketing and Management and The-World-Most-Useless subject,MPW.

Well,well.I got my results today.
What would i say? Hmm,doing none-sodusty, i guess?

Marketing class on 3PM.
As usual,lecture was dull and tedious and arid.
But many god-know-who joined our class and from who-know-what courses.
Hence,our class is so thronged with people.

I'm so delighted that i finally saw my darling after 2 weeks holiday!
Oh,i just miss her so much!

And we hang out today.
Unh unh,not just the 2 of us.Betsy and darling's cousin,who came far from China joined us as well.My honey went with his friends and joined me at QB.
Speaking of darling's cousin,she's very gentle and quiet. (:
I had lotsa fun today.We watched Money Not Enough 2, which is not as interesting as i thought.
I think people who watched it were a lil' bit exaggerating lahh.

Being shopaholic girls,do you think we'll give up the chance to shop?
Hell ya, that's a NO!
We buy nothing in the end though.

Honey treated me Haagen Dasz,as he promised me before!
Belgian chocolate,Chocolate & Mechanic Nuts.
It was unbelievably delicious and I felt like i'm off my feet and gone to heaven~

Roommate said she'll wakeup at 11.30PM but it's 1.12AM now. =X

♥.TT Player Playing:
Party People-Nelly feat Fergie.
Lifehouse-You And Me