Saturday, September 20, 2008

Amendment (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Peeps, sorry for the procrastination of updating.
Sincere apology from me to y'all.
I dont want to.
It's fine that the hostel connection goddamn slow.But now, the whole hostel CANNOT connect at all!
Seriously wtf?!

My darling kept complaining my answers for the 90 questions. =.=
But I really being honest while answering the question woh~ :p

As for example,

159-160cm? (unsure)

p/s; Darling said I'm about 157-158 cm. Well baby, people grow up lah! So am I~~~ Hehehee~ Dont you think I'm taller now? *a big grin*

Ugly People:
There's no ugly people gehh, only lazy peoples.

p/s; It's darling and Lik Xian's quote lahh~ They always force me to take GOOD care of my face! Do masque once in two days! They told me: There's no ugly women in this world, only lazy women. And guess what I told them? I said: I'm the lazy one lohh~ =.= Oh ya, LMAO! And they fainted. However,they continue to scold me after 5 minutes. (......)

You and your other half in which stage:
Couple stage loh. Not yet married :p

p/s; I purposely answer like this deh! Idk why you and Kae Herng kept pick us a '吉日良辰' for a so-called SPECIAL NIGHT! Very sorry to tell both of you naughty ginny, THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Lol. (only 4 of us will understand-Bubu,Vivian,Kae Herng and Me)

I skipped MPW class last thursday and lecturer gave us the class assignment!
How lucky am I?
Fortunately, she'll give us another class assignment next tuesday.
And we'll have another MPW test on next thursday.
Marketing test on next Monday.
Management test on this thursday. Sigh.

YingYing darling said she's not in the mood of studying yet.
So am I. Feel like we're still having vacation. =.=

And oh, roommate darling, you looked charming on the prom!
So, wear lens and learn to makeup, will ya? (:

I got my own very first perfume! Gucci Envy Me~
Wohoo~ How cool is that? I'm learning to be GIRLY ==

I ordered Domino's Pizza XD

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Elevator - Flo Rida.
Shake It - Metro Station