Thursday, September 11, 2008

World Peace, peeps. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Gossip Girl Season 2 is on air.
I've been waiting it for a long time, still it was worthwhile!

And there are so many conflicts in this blog world.
Idk why. O_O
Well, as not to cause another bitter arguments ensue from misunderstanding,I have to make clear to everyone that I didnt aim anyone in saying all of these.

Technically, one is writing blog as to express his/her feelings.
As for me,i act like a total bitch (only by writing on my blog) when someone pissed me off.
Afterall,it's my blog right? I should write truthfully
If I'm being hypocrite, what's the point that I'm still writing?
It'll be tiring if I need to act in my blog.
I better stop blogging lahh. LOL. =X
Hypocrisy is sickening!So stop being so!

However,sometimes I'm just playing some stupid or harmful jokes but not a satire on anyone.
I mean it.
I love my friends and I dont want to hurt them.
I believe that others would think the same way as I did.

So, world peace! ^^v
No more conflicts ya peeps? Love y'all. Tsktsk~