Monday, September 8, 2008

BubuFish Story <3

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I did something for my honey.
I suppose to give him on our anniversary,which is on july 29.
But i just gave him yesterday.
Wayyyy too late huh~ =p
Anyway, um, it's the heart that count, right? :S
Why I'm posting this up? Because I wanna show it to my Darling.
She gave me this idea-to do a scrapbook for my honey.
Yups, who else if it's not Vivian? :p
Thanks darling! Tsktsk. (:

♥ The cover.

♥ Open the heart and there it is-BubuFish Story. (:

♥ Our Story. (:

♥ What is B.F.C?

♥ Pull the Answer, and it's BubuFish Cinema! Do you get it right? *wink*

♥ Envelope to keep all the movie tickets that we watched together since we LOVE to watch movie that much. Darling gave me this idea~ ^^

♥ The End. =D

p/s; i woke up late today. Sigh.
So i didnt attend my class.

Kinda guilty. :S