Sunday, December 7, 2008

Step by step, i'm leaving sadness.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

To Bruce.

Hope you understand, i never treat you like a bad person.
You see, i totally understand there is no one who totally right or wrong in a relationship.
I do wonder why you can leave me alone like this, but i DID NOT think that you are a BAD person.
No matter you believe it or not.
Everything happened between us is just problem within us.

Everything is over and all i need is time to heal.
You see, it's not that i dont want to be your friend, just it's too hard for me to accept this.
Maybe i just need time.
I will recover soon.

♥ Speaking of morning today, I didnt know Kean Lit, Huan Yew, Jia Pei and Ji Li were on noon shift.
So i wait for them to fetch me in the morning.
And i called them at 10 am after i found out something wrong because they usually pick me up on 9.30 am.
Huan Yew answered call with a sleepy voice.
I was like damn, i'm so sorry for waking him up! :S
However, Jia Pei and Huan Yew purposely came hostel and fetch me to work!
So paiseh that i always bother them. T.T
I should be the one who apologise, but Kean Lit sms-ed me and apologise pula! -.-
He said he's sorry because forgot to fetch me. *Touched!

♥ Had lunch in shop for two days but had dinner with Seik Yee for 2 days! ^^
We were like rushing to finish the dinner and go shopping. :p
And i went Kim Gary today loh! *Giggles.

Luckily bff, Y is coming back tomorrow. Yippie! ^^

♥ And oh my effing god, i saw Linda Chung yesterday!
Darn, she is charming!
How could someone be so perfect?
Thanks Xiu Ying for pulling me all the way we squeezing ourselves into the huge crowd. XD

p/s; i love all my colleagues except some -.-