Sunday, December 14, 2008

Somedays I'm a SuperGirl. :)

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Finally met Joan on Friday.
Actually i'm not going in the first place but bff, Jac commanded me that I MUST GO! :S
And so, i stayed.

She's as pretty as we can see in all of her pics!
Plus after spent a day with her, i realized that she's actually very friendly and funny. ^^

Well, we definitely did some shopping therapy as we spent quite alot.
Okay, you see, your saving plan is definitely going to fail if you go out with both of these shopping queens. XD
And oh, i regretted that i didnt take much pics with bff, Jac and new bff, Joan.

Btw, i wanna slim down!
Ah crap! I aint going to stay fat forever! :( *keeping my fingers crossed*

I was like oh my effing god when i saw this tee.
But guess how much it cost?
Wtfish! T.T

It was a great day!
Girls, i had alot of fun! ^^

p/s; Joan, hope to go out with you some other days. ^^

And it's so good to be at home for three days! Gee~
I miss my family so damn much!

Watching movie with sis.

Oh, i love my sweety cousin!

Love it when these cuties are around.
*Though it's noisy sometimes. :p *

Specially dedicated this pic to my dearest bff, Vivian!
V, do you like it? XD

So long, ciaoz! ^^