Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Make my way into the world I knew. :)

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I found out very funny things when i working with this Vincent.
First of all, I'm so careless that i always left my cellphone on our desk and he always help me to put it inside of our counter. -.-

Secondly, he's so damn lucky that for two days he's here, our sales are around RM600-700!
Oh my effing god. Carmen and I would be stressed out tomorrow! :S
She came by today and said she's in total bad mood. LOL.

Btw, bff, Ying and I have the willpower enough to survey all over QB for the price of the contact lenses. XD
Okay, in a conclusion, dont purchase anything in Focus P****. (you know which is the shop, cant tell clearly, afraid will get sued :S)

I'm too boring that I crouched down among the stocks. XD
*Notice stocks beside and behind me*