Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Countdown. :)

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Spent my christmas eve with friends.
I'm superb happy.

Fan fetch me to Gurney.
Thanks him that i could finally meet up my friends! Yay~
It's been ages that i ride on motorcycle -.-
And i was shivering like hell due to the strong wind :S

Met Jin Sheng, JJ, Wenhui, Vivian and Wenli.
Damn, i miss them darn much and i feel like hugging them tight once i meet them.

We actually did nothing but standing by the roadside and observing some humdrum people doing some crazy actions.
Then i was like O_O when i saw some samsengs jump on the passing Vios!
What a bunch of obtuse, bothersome and stupid fellows ay! Wtfish.
JJ said that was VANDALISM instead of CELEBRATION.
They gone crazy and brainless somehow.

After that, we had heart-to-heart talk with each others.
However, i hate myself for being such an idiot.
Since we brokeup, i've been phobia of cinema.
Speaking of which, i hurted one of my best friends because i misunderstood her.
I hate him and I hate myself for being so irrational towards her because the nonsense past memories.
I doubted whether we would be as close as before after what happened but i can only blame myself for this.
Perhaps things would no longer be the same in the future.
There's a gap between us somehow.

Oh god, i'm sucha jerk.
Sincere apology from me again.
I'm so so sorry. (you know who are you.)

p/s: JJ! Where the others pics!!
I dont have pics with JJ and Jin Sheng. Wtfish. -.-