Monday, December 1, 2008

Gonna turn this thing around.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Apologise specially dedicated to Woei Jiunn.
I'm so sorry for today.

I know you are really a good friend.
It's not your fault that i did not have faith in guys.
In fact, i afraid that i've hurt you.

I need time to really get over these.
I dont deserve you treat me so nice.

In the other hand, Eugene quit Converse already.
Okay, he supposed to be leaving two days ago.
But i guess he did grudge a thing here in Queensbay XD
He haunted us for 2 days -.- cus we saw him today again.
Keep byebye to everyone for 2 days already but never leave.
He just made us ROFL.
Anyway, all the best, pal! ^^

Met Wenli and Wenhui twins yesterday.
I miss them so much! >.<
Wenli blamed me for not telling her about you-know-what thing.

Met Khai Sian today when i was sms-ing in front of the shop =X
He called me from far then i was shocked!
It's been ages that i've seen him! Omg.
He's still remain the same, still so handsome. Hehe.

I'm getting better, i guess ^^