Sunday, March 21, 2010

♥Party people yo -that would be me!-

♥Love & To Be Loved

The Hardrock poolside party was such a let down. Anyway, the only thing that made me not so regretting joining the party was to catch up with my long lost friends. Endless laughters with them around.

Hands down for Goh Kean Lit! I realize he's so great in doing all these tricky thingy OMG! i tell you, this fella really has the potential. i mean you can give him any short form, & i mean ANY, and he could come out with something real funny wtf! he could basically link everything up. Same with his bro, always comes up with very witty plus unexpected remarks & has a great sense of humour.

Aww, i started to miss the good ol' times during HSC. It was like living the life to the fullest. We attempted crazy stuffs of all sorts, you name it. & nevertheless, met the lovely buddies and became close. Thanks for the wonderful memories. My HSC life had come to a flawless full-stop. Trust me, it was unforgettable.

Went Coffee island afterwards. Again, chattering and laughing like there's no tomorrow.

Another mistake we made would have to be choosing One Club instead of Mois. I would say it's the worst club ever, like EVER. The music sucks BIG TIME and idk why but the ambiance was deadly dull. Furthermore, my dear was not really in the mood. *i wish you feel better now dear, everything gonna be alright. loveyaloads. you know i'm always here* i was hoping i could have loads of fun with my girls. well perhaps the timing was just not right.

conclusion, not as fun as i think & not as bad as it may seemed. Most important, i was with my girls and buddies. that made everything goes smooth.

Looking forward for Horror Night! :D
teeheee! ♥