Saturday, March 20, 2010

♥Bad Romance. GAHHHH!

♥Love & To Be Loved

People says, love is all about the two of us. Frankly if you still believe in such dreary cliche, aww too bad. Better be clearing your head before you fall off the cliff. Perhaps it was but not anymore in our generation.

In fact, love's a battlefield. There's another saying, shielding yourself from a love relationship in order to indemnify oneself against injury, in the meantime meaning less hurts, not true loves; exposing yourself in a love relationship means risking yourself being harmed profoundly, more hurts, true loves.

well, fair enough. But i'm sick of licking wound myself even it happened just ONCE! so i rather pick the first one.

p/s; Again,there's no fairytales in reality. There's no prince charming saddles up a white horse and comes to rescue. Life's a bitch & we just havta accept that. Sad case.

pp/s: sorry if i'm being pessismist and break your bubbles lovely readers . i think i've done with all the lovey dovey couple things. Keep reading & you ll know why.

My life sucks superduper to the max and there's nothing worse compare to all of these dramas. And no wan hoe, i'm not showing off.

Case 1:
My XXX is acting like a scorned housewife, kept bugging me for your-current-boyf-scolded-me-&-i-am-not-happy-about-it issue. It's hell bloody annoying that he kept copy and paste the conversation 'HE' sent him to me. OH PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK! i wished i could just erase my existence from his life. Hence, world peace. pfft.

Case 2:
A bastard who was courting me and kept telling me how loyal he is, he gonna wait me no matter what bla bla bla. Appeared that this so-called PRINCE CHARMING has another girlf, all the time! GAWDDDD! SERIOUSLY JERK?! luckily that i'm not fancy of your typical playboy flirting!well erm, I got no loss but HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO YOUR GIRLF?! One more thing, i think you deserve title of THE BEST LIAR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD due to your flawless acting skills . Well, a round of applause, people! Congrats.

So tell me. How can my life get any worse than this? :)
How i'm gonna have faith in guys like ever again?
Anyone tell me how to differentiate?