Tuesday, March 9, 2010

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hey people, i've back to my college life :)
i'm good i'm good , just that i need some times to adjust the honeymoon mood .

furthermore, it's not a really good sign that Dennis (one of the most brilliant coursemate) told us Corporate Finance is the hardest subject ever plus we have a totally new young pretty lecturer for that. Uh - oh. not good.
Anyway i wish I'm wrong for that.

Our lecturers told us that we gonna have our first Accounting Systems lab test on week 5, & Corporate Finance mid-term test on week 6! pretty fast aye, in fact wayyyy too soon!

OMG my triple sunburn is giving me real headache.

i look so freaking dark right now, like i'm back to the HSC look all over again.

Babe Jac says it took her one year to become fair again.
Randy says you ll probably never turn into as fair as you used to be once you sunburn twice.

Well , i got sunburnt like what, third times already?!

Oh gosh, now they scare me .

Crazy hostel is having the same old problem again.
I cant online !!!

That makes me gone crazy even more !!!

p/s; i want to watch Alice in Wonderland!!! :D