Friday, March 26, 2010

♥Nah ah, no more dramas :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello loves.
Babe and I didnt skip Acc Systems today, which everyone did.
hence, i'm so proud of US! weeee~

Even so, it was not very likely we listened attentively in class.
In fact, i had no notion what Sir was talking about.

Nevertheless, whispering alot of my worries to babe, i simply got everything off my chest. She listened and attempted to enlighten me. Thanks dear, i ll take your advise. & because of you, i rid of loaded burden off my shoulders. THANKYOU & ILURVEYOU! :DD

And thanks to WH :) well, i know he might not be the top candidate if you're seeking for one who can makes you feel better. i wouldnt deny if someone says he's the pain in the ass since he's well known of his harsh remarks & inexorably telling you the cruel facts. leaving you no choice but to accept the ugly side of the reality. But i think that is what i need.

Another kind of enlightenment? i think? you tell me :p

BTW, Horror Fest was awesome. Hands down!
more pichas coming soon! :DD

Do re mi

Add ImageLove this candid! lol

Sayangku :DD

p/s; so lazy to upload alrd lol.
take a look at my fb album!
love you people!