Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girls' Night out #2

♥Love & To Be Loved

Introducing my babe that I've never post before :)
She's the wackiest lurve ever!
Straightforward, lively, lovely & absolutely friendly!
I love hanging out with her, we always have so much fun together.

Ain't she adorable? :) Awwww!


Yours truly having her dinner! :)

Shopping sessions next!

Introducing you, the shopaholic........ Vivian Huang! :p

Superduper fat wtf!

We got crazy inside of the f21 so we tried all kinds of stupid clothes! Lol.

Like this? ROFL!
I wonder who will buy this seriously!

Awww cute!

Kena forced to wear together! Lol!
Candid! Laugh until face red red -.-

I know I look fat here but whatever, V said she loves these, sooo yeahh! :)

Was broke that night. We went back afterwards & tried out all the outfits we wore & camwhore with my webcam!
Lovin' the blazers we bought! ♥

I miss my Toshiba! :(

Bought a pair of big-framed specs too! ♥

Ohhkay, after posted all of these crazy webcam pichas, I have no image liawww! Lol.

I love her sooooo much! ♥ ♥ ♥

Alright, laugh all you want :p
Ciaoz! Wait for my next update aite?

Much lurves.