Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥Friends come and go?

♥Love & To Be Loved

This is so pathetic. I feel so pathetic.
I go out all the times. Hang out with many gangs, many friends.
But sometimes when I'm all alone, I feel like I don't really belong to anyone.
Am I a bff, a real one, to anyone? Or I'm just an option for them?
It doesn't really matter if I gone disappear?
Like... I can be disposed of, just like that...

I show strong personality,
I smile in front of people,
I smile even my heart is bleeding inside,
I smile even if I'm carrying so many secrets inside that I feel like I'm suffocating,
I smile if I have so many problems and I can only deal with it on my own.

I don't cry in front of people.
I don't share my secrets not because I find it hard to trust someone.
It's because I scare someday I'll rely on the someone, he/she'll leave me, Again.

Yes, I do feel like I'm an option for everyone else.
And no, you don't know how hurt it is.



j_fish said...

I do know how it hurts. I feel the same way. All the time.

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

/j_fish/ yea babe... and it's freaking hurt right? :(
I wish the feeling could go away, for good.

├†Aaron†┤ said...

Cheer up ok caryne ? Sometimes friends are meant to be used, but not to be play like a toy. But be honest speaking, we must still have to go through this it because there's a long journey for you to go. so, bear in mind and that's not a problem. Most important is to extend your network wider . :)

~noty_jimjim~ said...

hey~cheer up ya..
u can b anybody bff as u wanted too..
as long as u think that tat person is worth to b his/her bff lu..
no matter how is it,just b happy ya~?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Hey girl, cheer up..
It's hurt but always remember, they've lost a precious and sweet friend..
Move on happily =)