Sunday, October 24, 2010

♥Girls Night Out #1

♥Love & To Be Loved

Last week, my mum came back with some 'taufu fa' and she kept giving me lectures about NOT-TO-TATTOO!
She told me that the 'taufu fa' aunty told her she regretted after she tattoo-ed.
P/S: Well yes, the aunty who is selling 'taufu fa' tattoo-ed! Chio right?

Well, okay, back to the topic! So dad was there too, and he was listening to me & my mum chattering.
I was like," For real mum? No tattoo?" :(
Dad," Are you siao? Of course not! Don't be silly!"
Me," Alright alright dad! I heard ya! Mum, can you at least consider to let me pierce my nose, pleaseee?"
Dad, AGAIN," No way!"

So Dad was being very cute today. I was taking a nap & I sorta heard he's talking with my sistas.
They were joking about something I dont know what it was but then I've heard him asking my sistas.
Dad," Is your sis dating right nao? Is she dating an Indian?" *no offense loves :)*
Sis (ROFL), " No dad! Why would you think so?"
Dad," cause I saw someone named XXX calling her!"

P/s: haha! obviously he thought that's Indian's name wtf!

Sis," No dad! There are always people calling her! Why would you suspect nao? and why Indian?"
Dad," Are you suree? 'cause she said she wanted to pierce her nose last week!"

WHAT THE HELL?! ROFL! Isn't he cute?! and definitely has a good memory I'd say. Lol!
And daddy! You peek my cellphone! Got'cha! You're so going to do something to make this up for me! :/ Hehe!

Alright nao, enough with the craps.
Photos spamminggg! ;)
Queensbay & chill @ Church Street afterwards.

Off we go! ;)

The best thing of not driving is you could camwhore as much as you like! ;)

The babes I knew that day :)

Aren't they adorable? :)

Bee Shyan.

Siew Mei.

I must say this is the best candid ever!

The lovebirds :)

Don't you love the nerdy specs? ;) I do.

Now that I'm totally free from assignments and presentations!
I shall need some entertainments before final! ;)
Date me babessss! ;)
Don't let me wait too longgg! Lovesss!



~noty_jimjim~ said...

u wanna get a tattoo n pierce ur nose o?
haha..get a temporary one lor..

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Your dad super cute ! Lol