Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tags from Chris!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

1.) Could u actually accept sex before marriage? if let u choose, u rather have sex before marriage or non sex marriage(no sex after marriage)?
Nope. I could not accept sex before marriage. And it's impossible having non-sex marriage, i suppose.

2.) situation: your father(let say,dun beat me.)has got a serious disease and need 1million dollar. you can have a large amount of money(1million) if u break up with the man/woman that u love vy much.
I would breakup with the my man, if he really do love me, he would understand. My daddy is much important, btw.

3.)would u like to receive a diamond ring(from a rich boy/galfriend) or a gold ring but your boy/galfriend use his whole month salary to buy it for your birthday present?why?
Gold ring. Though i hate gold. But it's the heart that count.

4.)dinner: would u like to eat dinner cooked by your boy/galfriend or go to a highclass restaurant?why?
Dinner cooked by my loverboy. I think that'd be goddamn romantic!

5.)assume you go for a plastic surgery, n after the surgery u found ur face is exactly same like the ppl that u hate the most(EG.leela, she also go for the same plastic surgeon),

wat would u do+why?:
b.)change ur hairstyle or makeup or fashion style to make u better than him/her
Since i hate her so much, must be better than her lah! lol.

6.)u prefer hugs or kisses?why?(from facebook)
Hugs. Cus i dont like kisses. I just love hugging! It feels nice what.

7.)who is your msn favourite chatter?
I dont know. O_O

8.)if u /ur girlfriend pregnant, and u /ur gf is/are goin off to oversea to further your study, will you stay or ask her to go for a abortion?
I would pursue my study no matter what. Maybe abortion if necessary. The baby wont wont grow up.

9.)if you are able to go back to past time, when u wana go?
The time where daddy and mummy married.

10.)if u can be any character of any series drama(eg. hk, america, taiwan), who u wana be?why?
I want to be Serena Van der Woodson, cuz i'm fugly and i wished so badly to outshine myself yet friendly.

Chris! Thanks me for supporting your lame questions ah~

xo xo. Caryne The Fish.