Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding in love

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Final ended.
And no, i dont feel excited at all.
In fact, not even close.

I am so fcking upset with myself!
I dont know I'm such an idiot.
And now, i declare myself idiot.

I dont know why i keep doing some unforgivable stupid mistakes in tests!
It's effing irritating!
Yeah, I'm a total loser!
Sometimes, i felt like i dont have the qualifications to study at all.
What the hell?!

Having full-time job for the whole holiday, with J. :)
Currently working in Everlast at QB.
Get to know couple of friends there. And the daily jobs are boring!

Come and have a look sometimes! :)

There's many stuffs i wanna talk about.
Basketball match which was so outdated, hung-out with bffs and so on.

Inti basketball team won the intercollege basketball games.
Go Inti!
I have to say, the games was excited and HOT!
And i have no idea our inti students would be so supportive.
They were like cheering for our school team all the way!
And i absolutely enjoy being crazy with them!

Hung-out with bff, Cheryl few weeks ago.

Poor Fishy. T.T

Cruel Cheryl or KJ. I cant remember -.-

Tempting food food food!

Will update more often.

Until next time.

Caryne. The Fish.