Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Caryne is HOMESICK! OMG?

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Most of the people said I'm better suited to straight hair.
Well, i took a risk and WASTED $$ by did a perm.
Even my aunty asked me why i want to perm my hair. -.-

Anyway, nevermind loh~
It's always good to try out new hairstyle, right~ :p
I'm sick of my natural hair, so you know.

Just so you know, i'm going back home today! Yippie!
Though just for one day. -.-
Oh my effing god! Working is making me homesick!
I want to get salary. *sniff sniff*

Ohya, was rather satisfying with the sales yesterday.
Me, myself earned about RM 478! *applause applause* ^^

I miss him.

Until next time.
Caryne The Fish.